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BeMicro FPGA Evaluation Kit—Only $49
Build an Embedded Processor System in an FPGA in Minutes

If you are new to designing with FPGAs, or new to implementing microcontrollers in FPGAs, then the BeMicro FPGA-based MCU Evaluation Board is for you. This low-cost evaluation kit includes a complete lab to get you started designing a custom microprocessor system in an FPGA in just minutes.

The BeMicro FPGA-based MCU Evaluation Board features:

  • Cyclone® III EP3C16F256C8N FPGA
  • 4 MB SRAM
  • 16 MHz clock oscillator
  • 3 status LEDs
  • 8 user LEDs
  • 80-pin edge connector

Get Started Now

  1. Purchase a BeMicro FPGA-based MCU Evaluation Board
  2. Download and install free development tools:
    • Quartus® II Web Edition FPGA design software (required)
    • Nios® II Embedded Design Suite software development tools (required)
  3. Download BeMicro lab materials which include all the files you need to build a complete system (drivers, source code, and lab manual)
  4. Unzip the lab materials and open the lab manual to get your first microprocessor system up and running in minutes!

When you're ready to take your design to the next level, check out Altera's full-featured Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit and Embedded Systems Development Kit. With these kits, you can build advanced designs and prototype complex embedded systems on FPGAs.

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